Habitat Blackwood is a unique gift and homewares shop located in the heart of Blackwood, South Australia, in the Drakes Supermarket precinct. It was established in 2004, across the road from the current location. Purchased nearly 7 years ago by another Belair/Blackwood local, Habitat offers a friendly and welcoming environment. The range of stock available in Habitat includes candles and diffusers, jewellery, clothing and accessories, kitchenware, lanterns and lamps, platters, pots and vases, and more.

Stock is sourced from a variety of wholesalers and countries. Some products are manufactured in Australia, Japan, Spain, Denmark, Cambodia, South Africa, Vietnam, Germany and India, to name but a few.

Loom Designs and Jinja Jewellery, popular brands in Habitat and featured specifically for purchase online here, have beautiful ethically handcrafted products.

Loom Designs jewellery, gifts and textiles are crafted by women using traditional skills in Laos and Cambodia.

Jinja Jewellery, “Jewellery with Soul”, is designed and crafted by silversmiths in Bali.

Loom Designs and Jinja Jewellery purchases will be freighted free of charge within mainland Australia. Deliveries elsewhere will be subject to relevant freight charges.

Habitat is open in Blackwood Monday to Saturday from 9.30am until 5.30pm (6pm Thursday). All stock in Habitat is available for purchase and delivery by contacting the shop personally with your request, and will be subject to relevant freight charges.