Sterling Silver Earrings with Fresh Water Pearl #2

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Sterling Silver Earrings with Fresh Water Pearl #2

Features Quality 6mm Fresh Water Perals


Handcrafted Sterling Silver made with love in Bali. Jinja’s founder Joy Daniels has been working with the same Family of Master Silversmiths for over 20 years. In the  beginnings Joy was drawn to Pak Nyoman, a kind gentle man who worked hard to support his new then new born son Putu.

Putu is now 23 years old & has taken over the family business & like his Father is highly skilled & a wonderful person.

Each intricate piece is completely made by hand, this method, exclusive to the Balinese culture is now very rare. The new Balinese generation tend to cast all their silver, using pre made molds as the old fashion hand made method doesn’t have the turn around or profits as the casting methods.

I love working with & supporting Pak Nyoman Junior who taught by his Father, is keeping this traditional craft alive.